It Started Out so Simple

All we were going to do was put knobs on cabinet doors and use the same knob as the drawer pull for a bit better look on the kitchen cabinets.

The cabinets were a  hardwood laminated over press board, cheap but not too bad looking, except the builders choose a pickled finish we didn't like. So we painted them, but the paint didn't work too well  over the pickle.

And if I have to take each door down to put the handle on, well sanding them isn't that much work. And if I have them down sanding the cabinet carcass is easy. That was three weeks ago, like Topsy this project just sort of grew.

That is about the same shot as the first one, except all the cabinet doors are down, the cabinets are all empty, the upper ones are yellow not white, and a new exhaust fan has been installed. Oh yes, the stove is gone. Well not far, it is in the front hall waiting it's new home.

That is a bit closer and shows you the new range hood, upside down, waiting installation.

And that is the new stove, 30" 5 burners. One goes up to 18,000 BTU and 2 go down to 700 BTU. The oven is 2 degrees hot, I measured. And a warming drawer as well as a top gas element for the broiler and a second lower one for baking. It also has special Kosher settings, not important to me, but Home Depot did let you know about it.

So we now have 13 burners, two ovens and a warming drawer in the kitchen. Plus a microwave and a natural gas grill, which is on the deck. And both a hot and a cold smoker. We are prepared.

And that is the stove in place. The lower cabinets all got sanded before it went in.


Now that is the most finished area, you can see the yellow of the upper cabinet and what the door will look like, it is still white. You can also see the mustard of the lower cabinets. And that is the new refridgerator. We had a power failure and for a while I didn't think I was going to get the prior one to stop the power failure alarm.

To be continued.


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