Sunday I decided to deviate from my wife's menu, which listed Sunday AM as Cold Cuts.

I decided I wanted a BLT instead.

This is the story of that BLT.

If we go back to April 14, 2008, the second picture in the blog post is a close up of a pork belly. The BLT came from a close relative that has been hiding in my freezer since then.

Now that pork belly and a twin have been in the garage refrigerator for about 10 days. One curing in maple syrup and the bacon cure from Charcuterie by Ruhlman and Polcyn. The other in the savory cure from the same source.

There are the two of them, relaxed, fit and ready.

Ready for the smoker, along with a few other things.

That is at the bottom five pounds of andouille, some pork skin, a pork loin cured for Canadian bacon and the two pork bellies.

Same stuff, ready for the smoker.

That is the north looking view (well NNW) from my back yard. I'm standing on a ridge at 860 feet looking at Harriman State Park, which is a watershed for my county at this point. There are houses in the hollow below me, as a matter of fact those of you who know Amy from the ATK BB, she used to live two miles to my south down that hollow.

Just in the smoker. Obviously the sun is at my back.

A different angle. I had to wait on the pork skin, but that is about 18 pounds of pork in there.

Sausage and one of the bacons, I think the maple.

That is the savory bacon. And yes, the pig skin from the bacon was removed, quartered and frozen. We were going to smoke sliced turkey leg for soups in the winter but forgot to pick it up. This should be at least as good for flavor.

That is half the maple bacon, my slicer can't deal with the whole piece of belly.

8 slices, 6 ounces.

Off the slicer, which you can see in the background.

Stacked for the food saver.



Now I can bake my own bread, but didn't

Another view

And, again the results.


What did you think of this article?

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  • 8/21/2008 11:38 AM Chris wrote:
    Very nice.
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  • 8/21/2008 11:54 AM Kathy Henry wrote:
    Looks very tasty! beautiful bacon & tomatoes.
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  • 8/21/2008 12:42 PM Fitzie wrote:
    Looks wonderful. I'd have put on more bacon but then I'm a bacon pig!
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  • 8/21/2008 1:05 PM Andy wrote:
    I don't think a BLT has ever looked so good.
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  • 8/21/2008 1:30 PM noble pig wrote:
    Wow, I can only imagine the smells that were wafting through the air. How amazing! And what a beautiful area. I really need a smoker.
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  • 8/21/2008 1:59 PM ntsc wrote:
    More bacon was cooked, but that was adequate for the sandwich. I had a couple of pieces for desert.

    It really is a beautiful area, all the houses are on one acre lots, no sidewalks, no street lights and all service is underground.

    The back 75 feet of my lot is so steep I've never been down on it, broke two bones trying the first year we were in the house and decided not to try again.

    I smoked over hickory chunks.
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  • 8/22/2008 6:50 AM Andrew wrote:
    Those are some good looking pork bellies, where'd you get those? Did you smoke the pork skin as well? I get my bellies from an Asian market not too far from here, and they always are skin on. Generally I make cracklins from the skin since my wife loves that.

    Nice view as well, we lived on the top of a valley in central PA for a while, and I miss the hills.
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  • 8/23/2008 2:20 PM ntsc wrote:
    The link at the top of the post includes a further link to http://www.dietrichsmeats.com/

    this is a butcher shop in Pa, which only uses Mennonite or their farm raised pork. We drive there twice a year to buy pork. Two whole loins were just over $100. I don't remember what the bellies were, but not dear.
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  • 8/24/2008 9:22 AM The Yummy Mummy Cooks Gourmet wrote:
    OMG! That looks amazing!...but what?...you couldn't make your own bread? What the hell?

    On another note - I need your help. I have an important dinner party (with serious foodies in attendance) on Tuesday and I need a manageable (read: manageable for a harried mom with two small kids who has done nothing to prepare for this dinner party)and tasty pate recipe. Something I can serve as part of a tapas banquet.

    Got anything? That I can do? Without killing a calf in my kitchen with my own bare hands? I'm desperate. You're the only person who can help me.

    Of course, as always, I will lavish you with love and kisses and links on my blog.

    Thanks! Kim
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  • 8/24/2008 11:13 AM Rebecca (Foodie With Family) wrote:
    Oh Yum. I think I finally feel compelled to make my own bacon. That is simply gorgeous. And the sausage and other porky bits? Equally delicious.

    I have to ask. Can you share the location of said butcher shop? I'm not too far from the border of PA and NY and if it's within a decent distance I wouldn't mind stocking up. I recently came into possession of a smoker and I'm itching to try it out.
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  • 8/24/2008 11:17 AM Rebecca (Foodie With Family) wrote:
    Oh big stupid duh. I just saw the link. Please ignore the question and just pay attention to the compliments.

    ..And one more compliment. Wow, your fridge is clean.
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  • 8/24/2008 2:29 PM charcuteire wrote:

    The link around the comment on bread opens picture of my bread.

    Now to your problem.

    Chicken Liver Parfait

    2 lbs chicken livers
    1 1/2 lb butter
    1/4 Cognac
    1 tablespoon oil

    soak chicken livers in ice water for two hours.

    Place in 5 cup terrine (glass bread pan will do) with oil, Cognac, two pinches of salt and one of pepper.

    Marinate for two hours.

    Place terrine in water bath in preheated 300 F oven. About 40 minutes, livers should be firm but still pink inside. Let cool and drain them.

    Reserve the 8 best livers.

    Puree the rest and whisk in butter, adjust seasoning. Place half back in terrine (yes wash it first), put reserved livers on this, fill with remaining liver/butter mix.

    Chill for 24 hours, serve with tost.
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  • 8/24/2008 2:30 PM charcuteire wrote:
    The butter should be soft
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    1. 8/24/2008 4:51 PM The Yummy Mummy Cooks Gourmet wrote:
      Okay, I'm going for it. Liver freakin' parfait here I come.

      A question - What is the water bath about?

      And sorry about missing the bread link. Hell, I thought you were a mere mortal for a minute.

      Thanks - you really are a lifesaver.


      PS I do love a man with a 4 ingredient recipe. You make my heart beat fast!
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      1. 8/25/2008 7:29 AM ntsc wrote:
        Water bath means put the terrine in a larger, roasting pan or the like, with water in it. Not enough to soak the terrine obviously. This limits the heat applied to most of the terrine to 212 F, the boiling point of water.

        Oh, and when I do this, I don't reserve the livers, but puree them all. That makes this a simple spread, liver flavored butter.
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  • 8/25/2008 7:55 AM ntsc wrote:
    That is 1/4 cup of Cognac.
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    1. 8/25/2008 12:45 PM The Yummy Mummy Cooks Gourmet wrote:
      Okay, I have everything. Doing the terrine today.

      You just answered my question, which was - how do you know what the best livers look like? I will puree them all.

      Heh heh...Liver flavored butter.


      PS: Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
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  • 8/25/2008 12:54 PM ntsc wrote:
    And the water in the water bath should be hot, hot from the tap is good.
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  • 8/26/2008 8:32 PM Peter wrote:
    You're a busy man. Good luck with the rest of the work on the kitchen. I'm getting ready to smoke some more bacon soon- I'm going to try using our grape vines for the smoke.
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  • 8/27/2008 8:04 AM ntsc wrote:
    I haven't tried grape vines with bacon, but have with some sausage. I perfer cherry but I'm almost out.
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  • 8/27/2008 12:21 PM evil chef mom wrote:
    you see this is the reason we need smell-o-internet... everytime i read your blog i don't know whether to be inspired or if i should just crawl into a corner and weep at my own inferiority. seriously.
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  • 8/29/2008 5:47 AM ntsc wrote:
    And I look at other peoples pictures and wonder why I can't still color within the lines.

    The cake I did in the next post tastes great, but I've never pulled one off that looks like the stuff that I see on the Internet.
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  • 10/5/2008 9:47 AM claudia (cook eat FRET) wrote:
    holy shit
    i mean really
    i think you and your wife should marry me because THIS post is unreal. i've just not gotten big into charcuterie yet. my MO is usually to leave that to the pro's.

    why did i think you live in nyc?
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  • 10/17/2008 10:54 AM ntsc wrote:
    I worked in NYC, we moved 35 miles outside the city about 12 years ago.

    This stuff is really easy, although you do need the grinder and stuffer. You could use liquid smoke if you can't set up a smoker, but most of my sausage isn't smoked.
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